Ćwiczenia online - Mixed Conditionals - okresy warunkowe mieszane


Create sentences in the mixed conditional.

poziom ćwiczenia: B2

Opis gramatyki: Mixed Conditionals - okresy warunkowe mieszane

  1. I'd be working tomorrow if I broken my arm.

  2. You'd feel better if you drinking so much.

  3. Would you have got the job if you speak German?

  4. You still have a job if you fought with the boss.

  5. There'll be trouble if Julie gone into work today

  1. Why would Nathan help John if he like him?

  2. What shall we do if the car be repaired?

  3. They shouldn't have signed the contract if they got much experience.

  4. I'll see you at six if Dave organised everything.

  5. We'd be making more money if we not lost so many clients.

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