Ćwiczenia online - Third Conditional - Trzeci okres warunkowy


Create sentences in the third conditional with the same meanings as the originals.

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Opis gramatyki: Third Conditional - Trzeci okres warunkowy

  1. I went to that new club last night. It was boring.
    I to that new club if I it was boring.

  2. I jumped from a high branch and broke my foot.
    If I from a high branch I my foot.

  3. It wasn't raining, so we went to the beach.
    We to the beach if been raining.

  4. I was on time because I ran to work.
    If I to work, I late.

  5. I forgave my brother because he apologised.
    I my brother if he

  1. Not many people went to his party because it was on a Monday.
    More people to his party if it on a Monday.

  2. I failed my driving test because I drove too fast.
    If I too fast, I my driving test.

  3. My train was late. They were working on the line.
    My train late if they on the line.

  4. Nobody told me the soup had snails in it, so I ate it.
    I eaten the soup if known about the snails.

  5. I missed a good deal on a computer because I didn't see the advert in the paper.
    I a good deal on a computer if the advert.

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