Trzeci okres warunkowy (third conditional) – ćwiczenia


Choose the correct form to create sentences in the third conditional.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Third Conditional - Trzeci okres warunkowy

  1. You   if you hadn't been looking at those girls.

  2. If   yesterday off, we could have gone to the coast for a picnic.

  3. How   your car if Mike hadn't bought it?

  4. I'm sure Penny   us if we'd asked her.

  5. If   more careful, you wouldn't have broken the salad bowl.

  1. We would have been on time if you   to buy the wine yesterday.

  2. Do you think we   a better holiday if the kids had come with us?

  3. If I   him, I think the work would've been finished last week.

  4. We would have been in trouble if it   for Martin's advice.

  5. If they  , I sure they would have come with us.

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